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Bringing order to chaos.

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I'm Jenny, An Expert in Conquering Clutter.

I LOVE order! I love the feeling of walking into my house and knowing that I or anyone else can find whatever is needed. I grew up in a house that prioritized time over things. My mom was the queen of purging anything that was not a necessity and I thrived in this type of an environment. I never lost things because we were taught the importance of order and being intentional. This drove me to becoming the person who would tidy up after get togethers with friends or making the bed on vacation. I have found that when your environment is organized and functional you are able to effortlessly function in your day-to-day life and spend more time doing the things you love! Over the years I have been the go-to person for my friends and family when it's time for them to move. I'm the person who can go into a room and pack everything in an effective and efficient way


My Services


Home is where our days begin and end. Having organization increases our quality of live and gives us the ability to to more of what we love!

Starting At $195


Moving can be overwhelming! I'm here to help you on the front end and or backend of your new journey!

Packages Starting At $585


Businesses can come with a lot of supplies! Whether you are in an office, workshop, or warehouse the need for organization is imperative to run efficiently!


Want to do the project yourself but need a roadmap on how to get started and what materials you need?


The Clutter Collective is hands down the best investment I've made in a long time. I can't thank Jenny enough! I am still in awe of not just the finished product but the process. Just finished putting away laundry and I love the sustainable process your created to fit my life! Thank you!​

Melissa, OH

THANK YOU!!!!! Worth every penny!! Thank you so much for making the trip and being flexible, I'll be recommending you to  everyone!

Hallie W, OH

Excellent experience with The Clutter Collective. Quick response and quality results. 100 percent will use this service again!

Kevin, OH

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